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Out of college, with a Bachelors in History, I joined a circus and toured 25 states as a clown. I landed in New York's East Village, acted, wrote and directed, worked in La Mama Theater box office, and spent summers in New England aboard ships as an ocean tour guide talking ecology, lighthouses, demonstrating lobstering, and narrating whale watch tours as the onboard naturalist. On a trip of a lifetime off Cape Cod, we were surrounded by Humpbacks as far as the eye could see. I've seen thousands of migrating Monarch butterflies on their way to Mexico, settling in for the night on a tree at Watch Hill. I've seen the Spectre of the Brocken on Maui's peak. I designed a fashion accessory pictured in Women's Wear Daily, and my protest puppets and performances have frequently been published in the global mainstream press. Along the way, there have been ghost sightings, the lead role in an award-winning Indie on PBS, a protest puppet performance at the opening of "Art on the Front Lines," in Soho at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts gallery 2017, and a close view of a gigantic, silent space craft one night in Key West. My 2016 rant at the NYC Board of Elections about the computer vote hacking that stole the primary from Bernie has gone viral at over 3 million views. I am an inveterate daydreamer: nothing is what I do best.

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